More than a Fighter. She’s a Warrior.

I got a call from Rhonda’s sister, Angela and she informed me they had just gotten news that Rhonda was going to be in the fight of her life…for her life.  A diagnosis every woman fears, breast cancer.  She explained she wanted to surprise her with a family photo shoot before she started chemo that next week.  My tight schedule became wide open for whatever we could make work.  Sitting on my bed, I hung up the phone and I just lost it.  Rhonda and Angela are both past brides and I have grown very fond of their families and this news was heavy.  But one thing I know for certain about Rhonda is that she is more than a fighter, she is a warrior.  She has a great support system and if they could they would take it on for her.  James & Jaxon will be her draw for great strength.

We got thisBeginIn it togetherYou got nothing on my left hookFight for MommaMomma's boy

Jaxon, a handsome little cowboy, will keep the laughter rollin’.

Eww! Mom & Dad Kissing!Little cowboyHow do you do?Those brown eyes see through your soulI was born to be a cowboyHandsome cowboy

This family will persevere through the muck.

Warne's by the creekKisses all aroundLove this family

And make no mistake they will beat this!

She will win

Rhonda we are praying for you, believing with you, and here for you!  Get it girl!  Warrior on!

5 thoughts on “More than a Fighter. She’s a Warrior.

  1. Rhonda is so strong she amazes me. She tries to be happy so the rest of us won’t be sad! Her most important job still is being a good Mom. 😘


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