A Beautiful Blend

#capturing essence photography, #Samoan dancing, #Oregon Wedding

Having lived in Hawaii for part of my college years I have a particularly soft spot for Samoan culture.  When I met with Amanda and her parents and she was letting me in on the details for their wedding day I was trying to stay cool and collected but on the inside I was freaking out with excitement!  I was so thankful they chose us to capture their special day.  We arrived at the Eagle Point Golf Club a little early to check out the layout.  It was a beautiful fall day in Oregon and the air was electric with anticipation for the event.  The details were gorgeous and well thought out.

Once we finished the details we gathered the bride and bridesmaids for their formal session.  We had some funny moments and answers to questions like, “How many bridesmaids does it take to open a bottle of wine?”  The answer was two in case you were wondering, but all the others were definitely there for moral support and cheerleading.

Before the ceremony started we whisked the groom and groomsmen away.  They were all pretty laid back and we were able to catch some great authentic moments of them.

Everyone gathered for the short but sweet ceremony.  It’s always one of my favorite moments as the groom sees the bride walking down the isle.  Eli was overtaken with emotions and it was a super sweet display of his love for his bride, Amanda.  The two exchanged “I do’s”, gave each other rings, and sealed it all with a kiss.

We collected family and the bridal party for some finishing pictures.  Shortly after we dismissed them into the reception as I snuck the bride and groom away for a few more by themselves.

#capturing essence photography, #Samoan dancing, #Oregon Wedding#capturing essence photography, #Samoan dancing, #Oregon Wedding#capturing essence photography, #Samoan dancing, #Oregon Wedding#capturing essence photography, #Samoan dancing, #Oregon Wedding

The rest of the night quickly unfolded in traditions including some Samoan dances honoring Eli’s heritage.

The entire day was so rich with culture and love.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Aulava’s and their families.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to capture their day for them to enjoy time and time again.  Check out the video link below for their snap video!

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