Love is Thick in the Air

#engagementsession, #capturingessencephotography #emotion

I met Eryne as a fellow vendor in our bridal show.  She was with a cross-fit group and their booth was electric with personality.  If I hadn’t been pregnant at the time I would have joined the gym…but I’m always pregnant so who was I kidding?!  By the next show Eryne strolled in not as a vendor, but as a soon to be bride!!!  She booked with us immediately and I was ecstatic!  She is beautiful, but beyond that I love her demeanor and sense of humor not to mention a smile that lights up the room.  I always get the best brides, but I definitely felt like I was winning the lottery.

A few months later, I met up with her, her fiance James, and his two stunning kids in the historical town of Jacksonville.  Sometimes it takes kids a little bit to warm up to new people, but these kids were AWESOME!  I could tell it wasn’t going to feel much like work and more of fun afternoon that I happened to bring my camera to.

As I had already assumed it didn’t take much for Eryne’s genuine smile to surface and James knew how to draw it out of her in a moments’ time.

This couple couldn’t take a bad picture if they tried!  Even when their faces couldn’t be seen you could feel the “happy” radiating.

The structures in this town always make me giddy and the old wood and brickwork make for such amazing backdrops.  Love the texture that it provides and how it makes this couple stand out even more.

We snuck in a couple of family pictures and a few of proud daddy with each of his kids.  I think they’re keepers!  😉

Something about this moss covered fence always has my number.  I also like that we only moved 50 feet and it looks like we went to a whole new land of amazing!  Oh, and if you ever meet Eryne…don’t let her tell you she doesn’t know how to be an actress.  Hollywood- you should send your recruits…so you know that will remain an inside joke.  😉

I feel like this entire session made my cheeks hurt I laughed so much.  This moment may have been at the helm of a joke that was a wee bit in the gutter, sorry… not sorry…also staying an inside joke.  😉

We rounded out our session back at a flight of stairs that was plagued by all the wrong kind of light earlier, but at the end was perfect.

#CapturingEssencePhotography, #LoveIsInTheAir, #EngagementSession

#CapturingEssencePhotography, #LoveIsInTheAir, #EngagementSession

I cannot wait to see this couple say their vows and make this whole shebang official! ❤ ❤ ❤

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