Little Violet Bunny

#Capturingessencephotography, #almostEaster, #infantphotography

I LOVE babies!  Violet came into the studio tucked in her car seat and I could already feel my baby fever rising in me.  She was a little past the 14 day fresh and new session, but we were going to pull all our tricks out of the bag and hope for the best.  Apparently, she was easily swooned because she snoozed through the whole session.  We of course started with some purple tones playing off momma Katrina’s love for colors.

Then we went a bold route with a solid yellow backdrop.  Not everyone shares my obsession with mustard yellow- but me and Katrina must be kindred spirits for the bold and colorful!  Oh how I was in ❤ !!!


There wasn’t a single prop change that this sweet slumbering princess didn’t look adorbs in.  I think it was this set too that we noticed Patrick (aka sleep deprived daddy) had followed Violet’s cues and took a brief 5 too.  We may have all laughed but I think we were also secretly jealous.

Momma had brought so many choices that I loved that I was hoping little miss would snooze right through outfit changes…and she was a champ!  I must say lemons also speak to me and with a bright violet backdrop and a precious Violet in the basket oy vey- GORGEOUS!!!


Stop it right!!! Cuteness overload!  Not through yet though.  She let us pull two more quick changes on her before she gave us the all done signal.  Easter is right around the corner so naturally a little bunny foo foo had to make the cut…and the smile that we had been trying to persuade out finally made it to the frame!


To finish the session off we went Bohemian chic coastal pallet.

#Capturingessencephotography, #almostEaster, #infantphotographyViolet-65

What a cutie little miss Violet is!  ❤  I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to capture these moments.  Truly, a legacy captured.

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