When Love is Natural

#WhenLoveisNatural, #CapturingEssence, #LegacyCaptured

In my line of business I meet a lot of couples, and I generally am a good judge of a match made in Heaven…or not lol.  I met Brittany for coffee to discuss her wedding  and was immediately drawn to her personality.  I found myself getting “big sister” for her and wanted to make sure Boyd was everything he needed to be to be the best for her.  We met up for their engagement session and it took maybe a half second for me to drop any of my doubts.  When love is natural that “you’ll just know” feeling isn’t just evident to the couple but everyone in their space.

#WhenLoveisNatural, #CapturingEssence, #LegacyCaptured

We moved from one location to the next and it was effortless to set them up, not because they had attended modeling school and knew how to pose.  More because they just naturally fell together perfectly each time.

#WhenLoveisNatural, #CapturingEssence, #LegacyCaptured

They filled their surrounding and brought more radiance.

They switched it up about half way through the session to a more casual vibe, and still commanded the place.

Then this bridge happened and as soon as clicked the shutter I knew it was magic!

#WhenLoveisNatural, #CapturingEssence, #LegacyCapturedBoydandBrittany-65

I’m pretty sure they didn’t take a bad picture and if the light hadn’t started to fail I might have kept finding places to take more shots so we could just hang out.  For Boyd’s sake though we wrapped the session up.  I’m excited for their wedding around the corner- no doubt it’s going to be gorgeous!

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