Googily Eyed is the New Twitterpated

#GoogilyEyed, #Engagementsession, #capturingessencephotography, #legacycaptured

A relationship without humor is like a flat soda…maybe for some people it’s easier to handle the dull and mundane, but I like a little fizz in my life.  Matthew and Megan were so much fun and when she pulled out these “googily eyes” I was so glad they had chose me as their photographer.  They get each other, they love each other just as they are, and when they look in each others eyes they see happily ever after.  It’s no wonder their love grew and ended in a proposal after chronicling 50 Disney movie classics.


#GoogilyEyed, #Engagementsession, #capturingessencephotography, #legacycaptured

These two “techies” swooned together and the scenery of the backdrop was just an extra bonus.

The little grass patch with little white and yellow flowers everywhere was a heavenly spot to take a picture.  Then the thought comes to mind that anyone can take a picture, my objective is always to capture something so much more.  Hence the name of my business Capturing Essence and my tagline a legacy captured.  When the feeling or the essence of the “subject(s)” transcends the photo and remains a mood.

Even the details translated emotions radiating with love!

These two go together like peanut butter & jelly, like Cinderella & Prince Charming, like M&M’s!  Even their first initials are cooperating for perfection!

#GoogilyEyed, #Engagementsession, #capturingessencephotography, #legacycaptured

On a funny side note, we had to send Matt to retrieve the one squirly M that managed to fall through the crack (good thing he didn’t let Megan slip through his grasp and he snagged her with his charm!).  I’m sure it was also some sight to see a 8 month pregnant lady on the ground making sure the right angle for this picture was attained.  This bridge though…it is one of my go to favorite locations and for each couple or person it holds something different.  I love how these ones translated.


I do love this park and it holds such great opportunity for amazing photos, but this couple really nailed it by just being them.  I will always love watching a couple truly value each other and bringing joy to the relationship by pouring into the other person.  I can’t wait to shoot this wedding in October.  I know Megan will far exceed any Disney princess and Matthew will treat her like a queen!


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