The 28th Dress is all Yours Jules!

#CapturingEssence, #LegacyCaptured, #FinallyHerTurn

Give me a minute while I clear my throat and wipe my eyes.  This one is going to be a doozy.  You know the movie 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl and insert the coin phrase, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  I love that movie, but I hate waiting to get to the perfect ending.  I also find myself silently cussing out George for being a blind moron for not seeing the perfect Jane right in front of him.  He instead falls head over heals for sister Tess… I mean WHAT?!!!!   All this happening while the silent undertow plot is developing between snarky reporter Kevin Doyle and the yes girl Jane.   In the end her happily ever after starts with all those who she stood beside and they are appropriately decked out in the dress or outfit Jane suffered their wedding in.  Why the cliff notes on one of my favorite movies?  Well, I wanted to reassure you true love is worth waiting for of course!  Also, I wanted to give you a clear picture of this beautiful bride who is also my amazing cousin (fanning my eyes so I can still see enough to type).  So many of my fondest memories include Julie.  Softball, climbing onto rooftops watching sunsets, feeding our grandparents cow Martha while trying not to get shocked from the electric fence, feeding the Koi fish and letting them suck on our thumbs, prom, inadvertently enrolling in University of Hawaii together, and strolling up to a beach that we had no idea clothing was “optional” (we found another snorkel spot fyi).  So you see, I and so many of her friends have this baffled confusion towards every guy who had opportunity and chose to be a moron.  However, I think we get to this part of the plot and realize that Mr. Right had never walked into the scene until now!  There was a different spark in her eyes when she talked about Josh.  After she told me about this guy I may have gone to his place of employment and watched him silently to see if he was a quality type…some people might call that stalking but I call it homework and being a good cousin. 😉  He checked out and I resolved to let things play out the way they were meant to- with a ring on her finger!

I felt incredibly honored when they asked me to be their photographer for their wedding and engagement photos.  We met up at a local park for the engagement session where I was able to properly get to know Josh.  Perfect pair.

He had just gotten back from a long business trip and still managed to meet my crazy demands for each shot.  You know like sitting in the middle of a bridge because that’s natural lol.  Have you ever wondered why we stage ourselves somewhere because it will look cool in a picture, but in real life it’s a super ridiculous place to just reside.  I hadn’t until that moment and now I just laugh every time I continue to place people for the picture perfect background.

As we walked up the path there was so many coves of opportunity.  We stopped at a few but light was starting to fail and we had a specific destination to reach.

A bench in a beautiful location overlooking a river; that was our destination.  It’s a place that will forever hold significance to them.  The first kiss in a forever relationship is something you never forget.

#CapturingEssence, #LegacyCaptured, #FinallyHerTurn

We ended our session at this skinny bridge, but continued our party at a local restaurant for dinner.  I enjoyed the catch-up session with Julie and filling Josh in on the family.   It’s only fair to give the guy a clear picture of what he’s really getting into.  I’m kidding, my family is mostly normal…mostly.

#CapturingEssence, #LegacyCaptured, #FinallyHerTurn

Josh & Julie {cheers} to your happily ever after!  Thank you for choosing me to capture it- ❤

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