Sweet Dreams are Made of These

#Capturingessencephotography, #EngagementPictures, #Dreamycouple, #Dreamylight

Let me go onto the record and say I would be thee worst car salesman and I have never been great a self-promotion.  So, at the bridal shows I display my work, give a basic overview of what I offer and talk as much as I feel the group in front of me wants to hear me gab.  The last thing I try and do is convince someone that they need me to be their photographer.  I just have always felt that if someone connects with my photography style, my personality, and our services fit within the budget then entering the business side of the transaction becomes the natural next step.  I met Brittni for the first time at the bustling winter session of The Ultimate Bridal Show in Southern Oregon.  We had the initial conversation and natural beauty always strikes me.  She wasn’t overdone, fake or snooty- but definitely gorgeous!  Of course I wanted her to love our work and book us, but I also wanted to know that if she booked with us it was solely because she felt we were the best match for her and her fiance.  She circled the show several times and each time with questions that showed depth to her decision.  I was certain when she left without booking with me that she had found a match in someone else, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email a few days later to set up a meeting.  When she booked with us and we started talking about her engagement session I grew incredibly excited about her vision meeting my camera.  She told me her fiance, Travis, owns this exquisite antique car that she wanted to incorporate on their beautiful farm land.  I will be honest people have spoken highly of their homes or cars before and they haven’t always been up to the caliber of their praise- so I have learned to lean lightly on my expectations and hope for the best.  Her boasting was modest if anything.  In my photography world, sweet dreams are made of these: beautiful couples, dreamy light, amazing (or beyond amazing) props, and a backdrop to tie it all back together!

They were so sweet together and even though they said they didn’t know how to “pose” I called their bluff- they moved together flawlessly!  The car itself pulls out some romance, and even though these might be a little forward for some I believe there is still enough room for classy “heat”.

#Capturingessencephotography, #EngagementPictures, #Dreamycouple, #DreamylightTravis_Brittni_Engagement-12#Capturingessencephotography, #EngagementPictures, #Dreamycouple, #Dreamylight

The only thing I was leery of this entire shoot was running into a snake…I hate snakes!!!  As we made our way down to the little river I was shaking in my boots.  It was worth it and no snakes to encounter that day thank goodness!


Then the dreamy light poking through the perfectly placed trees that laid just behind the patch of coveted long grass.  Pinterest is jealous!


I always get nervous for shoots.  This isn’t founded in self-doubt but rooted in a self-expectation to go beyond a photograph and seize emotion.  As we got to the end of the session I felt my nerves ease up and I knew we had captured something spectacular throughout.

#Capturingessencephotography, #EngagementPictures, #Dreamycouple, #DreamylightTravis_Brittni_Engagement-60Travis_Brittni_Engagement-63

Travis and Brittni you are a beautiful couple and thank you for entrusting us to record this time in your life.  We cannot wait for your wedding day!!! ❤


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