Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

Over the mountains and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go.   Most kids need visual aids to differentiate between two similar parties.  For instance, growing up I had a Grandma in the brown house and a Grandma in the blue house.  My cousin, Julie, and I talked about this one day and then it went into a full blown memory lane of all our fun times we had at our grandparent’s house as kids.  From Easter wearing the frilly dresses searching for eggs hidden in the crooks of the rocks in the tulip bed, climbing hay bails looking for the hidden hen mines of eggs, and climbing trees and waiting for our turn (sometimes not so patiently) on the swing made from a piece of a two by four and rope.  My memory is dripping with great times spent in that brown house and most of them include my cousins.  Josh and Julie’s wedding was a beautiful testament of family. Our grandma was front and center taking in every moment relishing in the beauty she helped create. Cori, Julie’s sister was by her side as her maid of honor, my brother, Jeremy, officiating the service, and I was incredibly honored to capture it all. The seats were filled with family and friends beaming for this couple and every detail was beautiful and perfectly placed.

The bridesmaids helped Julie with her final preparations.  The groomsmen didn’t have much primping to do, but were available to keep Josh loose with humor.

Jules looked beautiful as always with an added dash of radiant, and Josh was cutely anxious to see his bride to be.

#capturingessencephotography, #cousinsarethebest, #applegateriverlodge, #loveisintheairJ_and_J_Wedding-509

Everyone looked dashing and prepped and ready to get the show on the road.

The stage was set, the people were seated and waiting, and the opening of Julie walking down the isle didn’t disappoint; tears flowed and smiles were everywhere.  Jeremy did a great job despite all my teasing over his man bun.  Josh & Julie’s vows were meaningful and well-written and they planted a tree in lieu of the traditional unity candle or sand.  The first kiss as man and wife was applauded all around and the exit was electric!

From that point my good friend, DJ Hope took this wedding into party mode!  The staff from Applegate River Lodge was incredible and served up dinner and filled glasses for the toasts.

We took a small break away session at sunset and literally stopped traffic all for the sake of amazing bridge pictures.

The rest of the evening was enjoyed inside for cake and dancing.

A magical day.  I’m so excited to see what the future holds for Josh & Julie!  ❤

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