Infinity and Beyond

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With a wedding date of 8.18.18 it has to be a marriage that will last infinity and beyond right?!  So many beautiful details spread throughout, like the hanger that proudly displayed the wedding dress and boasting the bride’s soon to be new name: Mrs Burleigh.  The gorgeous bridal bouquet made of blue accented broaches (also incredibly heavy if you were wondering).  The best details of all however were the friends and family they had beside them and around them as they said their I dos.

Taylor, the bride’s son was a complete ham.  I’m pretty sure he could put up an ad and make a lot of money being a “rent a ringbearer”.  Ben and I have dubbed him the cutest  to date.  It may be that he stole our hearts by saying hello to Ben and giving me eyebrows (you know the up and down trick to let someone know you see them) during the ceremony.  So much amazing personality in such a tiny frame!

From her ruffly dress, gorgeous jewelry, perfectly curled hair paired with her natural beauty and bright blue eyes; Kayla was the crown jewel of the day.

CJ and the groomsmen were fun and a kept the party rolling.

The ceremony was short and sweet but again full of lovely details.  Taylor made sure all the ladies knew he was still available and give it a few years (like 20 just to be safe) he will be a great catch.  A sand ceremony with the three of them was a beautiful picture of their lives joining together, and rose pedals thrown as CJ and Kayla had their first kiss as husband and wife.

We took a few moments after the ceremony to take pictures of the entire bridal party and then I took the bride and groom off for some finishing photographs.

After that point the party was in full swing with etch a sketches, unicorn masks, photo booth fun, and lots of dancing.

It was a day to remember.  The snapvideo gives a glimpse into the beautiful day it was.  Thank you CJ and Kayla for choosing us to capture the beginning of your legacy.  Praying blessings over your marriage and life! ❤


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