Inhale & Exhale Blessings and Joy

#capturingessencephotography, #alegacycaptured, #jewishwedding, #inhaleandexhaleblessings

We have had the privilege to capture so many beautiful celebrations of love and marriage.  Each wedding holds a special place and offers a unique perspective of love, friendship, and romance.  When Ben and I get the opportunity to photograph a wedding together we consider it a date night.  It’s complete with a happily ever after unfolding in front us, laughter, great company, good food and cake!  We leave with the glimmer in our eyes for each other as it has us reminisce our special day.  James and Eryne’s wedding has claimed residence in my favorite weddings to date.  I was greatly anticipating the Jewish traditions throughout from a photography stand point, but I had no idea how my heart would be captivated and blessed from the wisdom and respect that Rabbi David and his wife Deborah ushered in.  There was such care to pause and pour into this couple, to reflect on what really matters, and to enjoy the here and now.  The family and friends that surrounded them was thoughtfully selected and seemed to inhale and exhale blessings and joy with the act of giving as well as receiving.

Neither James or Eryne could hardly contain their sweet anticipation to see each other for the first time that day.  Pure joy!

I could go on and on about their bridal party as well!  They were fun, energetic, attentive, beautiful and all the amazing things that we as photographers LOVE!  However, the one characteristic of this bridal party that stuck out the most: they were present.  Every moment they were engaged and aware so they could participate and serve James and Eryne so this day was at the peak of what it was dreamed to be.  It was a beautiful display of pure friendship.

At it’s marked time we parted into a men’s and women’s group and took part in the Blessing ceremony.  It was a time to slow all the noise down, focus on the heart of marriage, and share words of wisdom and blessings.  I am quite convinced this should become the norm.  It was absolutely beautiful!

The ceremony followed and it was just as incredible.  They were showered with blessings and declared their love to each other and their children.

After the ceremony we let the dust settle for a minute and then continued with our final formal pictures.  Pretty sure these guys didn’t have a bad side and we could have taken photos all night long, but they had a schedule to keep.

#capturingessencephotography, #alegacycaptured, #jewishwedding, #inhaleandexhaleblessings

We released the timeline into the professional hands of DJ Veach.  Guests stepped into our photobooth and exited with smiles and giggling.  There was dancing, great speaches and toasting to the couple and their future.

A sparkler send off was realistically the only way this night could be capped off- and so it was.


Even over twelve minutes long this truly is only a snap shot of the rich content of this wedding.  Every second was filled with purpose even if that was to slow down and breathe it all in.  Get a tissue ready, enjoy, and be blessed by the Gerhardt’s Love Story! ❤


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