Then Comes a Baby in a Baby Carriage

One day my phone alerted me of a message, and even the chime seemed to linger with excitement.  It was an inquiry for maternity portraits.  Pregnant mommas are simply beautiful and a pregnant momma means I get to snuggle a fresh baby soon too… and I LOVE BABIES!!!! Even better is knowing the sweet couple who is going to embark on the adventure of becoming parents.  The greatest compliment to a photographer is the invitation to follow your clients through life.   I was blessed to capture Danny and Christina’s engagement portraits and their wedding day, and now the privilege of documenting their pregnancy with their first baby, Grayson Timothy.  Of course as soon as she unveiled his name I started daydreaming of the cute couple him and my Gracesyn would be.  I mean on nickname pairing alone it’s grounds for marriage right?!  Gray and Gracie… Grayson & Gracesyn… at the very least business partners!!!  Just think of the brilliant branding!!!  Sorry, wrangling myself back into reality.  Danny, Christina, and I sat down for coffee and tea just like we always had.  This time with renewed excitement for the future- first came love, then came marriage, and now ready for a baby in the baby carriage!  We planned the details of the when and where and waited for that to roll around.  It seemed to happen in half a snap.  With a huge winter storm threatening to ruin our plans we got a jump start on nature and pushed our session time to the morning.  We headed up the mountain in pursuit of snow and snow we found.

Christina tapped into her inner model and made the freezing breeze work as her personal fan.

#maternityportraitsinthesnow, #maternity, #growingbytwofeet

Really though not one of us dressed or accounted for the wind chill factor or the deep thigh high powder I kept managing to find.  We laughed a lot… mostly at me.

Christina wanted to mix some of the elegant pictures with some fun ones. So when Grayson becomes a teenager they can show him these pictures and let him know they really are cool parents.

I’m a huge fan of plaid and I was stoked Christina loves it too.  It brought this session to a level of comfortable that we all relaxed into…well except for the freezing cold bit.


We rounded the session off with a picture they can post when “it’s time”!  I can’t wait for my timeline to show that image!  Eek!  Danny and Christina thank you for letting me in on this precious time.  You will be fantastic parents!  ❤


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