Boys & Tonka Trucks

#Capturingessencephotography, #Infantloves, #boysandtonkatrucks

Shawn & Angela were meant to be parents and most definitely dad and mom to at least one little boy!  This little cowboy in training, Hudson, is one handsome fella.  We shot Angela’s maternity pictures right around her 36 week mark and decided to go to the same location and I also decided to combine the blog.  So a little then and now- inside his momma’s tummy and welcomed to the outside world.  Also, I can’t help but be in complete awe of Angela’s breathtaking beauty as a preggo lady- some women get all the luck!

I love watching a new momma breath in her baby and just radiate her love, but watching a daddy be smitten also catches my heartstrings.

#capturingessencephotography, #boysandtonkatrucks, #babylove

#capturingessencephotography, #boysandtonkatrucks, #babylove

I will tell you I’m not surprised by how amazing Shawn is with little Huddy because I have watched him treat Angela like a queen.  Men take note…be like Shawn and all the other good men out there- change diapers, take the fussy baby for car rides so momma can get some sleep, and just fall deeper in love with the woman who gave you the privilege to be called daddy!  A marriage is never one sided and parenting isn’t either so women be like Angela: value your husband’s hard work, take care of him when he get’s a man cold, and love that he gave you one of the best job titles of mommy!  These two are better because they have each other and adding little man to the mix was the best kind of bonus.

#capturingessencephotography, #boysandtonkatrucks, #babylove

#capturingessencephotography, #boysandtonkatrucks, #babylove

Yeah ending right here on that note of baby lips, chubby cheeks, and little man suspenders really wouldn’t be a bad idea, but maybe just a few more with tonka trucks and sweet swaddling.

#capturingessencephotography, #boysandtonkatrucks, #babylove

#capturingessencephotography, #boysandtonkatrucks, #babyloveHudson-94Hudson-99

Congratulations Shawn & Angela- you both are rock stars (but maybe just on this Angela gets the edge of being lead singer because let’s be honest I know what she went through for that little man to be held in your arms) 😉  He is truly perfect!!! ❤


Growing by two more little feet

Every time Brianne calls me up to let me know they are adding another baby I squeal! Jeff and her are great parents and their kids are the sweetest.  We had planned the shoot for close to sunset but as I was driving to the location my stomach instantly turned into knots.  I didn’t take into account this location was positioned in a place that the sun hid behind a set of mountains 30-45 minutes earlier than I had expected.  Knowing how hard getting two littles and yourselves ready for a photoshoot is I wanted to try and avoid a reshoot.  I did the best I could with the light we had but I knew I wasn’t thrilled about the quality.  So, I was prepping Brianne for the possibility of a redo.  The entire way home I feared I hadn’t gotten a single image worth keeping.  I promptly loaded the pictures and to my surprise they weren’t a total loss but I knew I missed my mark of expectation.  Brianne was a trooper and we headed to the park the next day…an hour earlier.  The light was beautiful and the moment we started shooting I was relieved and giddy about the images we were going to get.


A small waterfall we could only hear the night before became a gorgeous opportunity as the sun would burst through the trees.


I knew having humility to ask for a reshoot was well worth it when I got back to the edit bay.  I had also brought chalkboards to the first shoot but decided time didn’t allow for it, but the second round I was able to pull them out.


A couple of those chalkboard shots are waiting in the wings to help announce if the Odom’s will be up one prince or princess.  I learned a valuable lesson in sucking up my pride, but most of all I just loved spending time with my friends.