Carmen on the Up and Up

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I love when life throws curve balls that were destined to be bases loaded grand slams!  Here is the series of events leading up to this photo session.  One of my other “jobs” is a biannual event planner for The Ultimate Bridal Show.  Heather, Carmen’s mom, became a vendor in our October show and she connected with my photography style for her daughter’s senior pictures in particular.  We gabbed a little bit and settled to meet up post bridal show craziness.  Life being nuts for the both of us early December came quicker than either of us were prepared for.  I joined Heather and Carmen at a modern cozy coffee shop.  We all brought our ideas to the drawing board and the excitement of the session started mounting.  Heather had told me how amazing Carmen was, but I always reserve mom bias as a real thing.  Truth be told, she didn’t oversell an ounce!  She is stunningly beautiful and her personality is a gem. That next weekend the weather looked like it was going to cooperate so we formed a plan.  We decided on a traveling shoot (which I offer, but is not listed on my photo packages) with multiple locations and outfit changes.  I left a little sad there was seven days to pass before we could execute this marvelous plan of ours.  But alas the day arrived.  Our first stop was a rickety old fence and open field.  Carmen’s sister, Faith (aka my new assistant) not only mastered the art of the reflector, and told great jokes for genuine laughter, but she was a great addition in a few sister pics.  Each place we went I felt like different aspects of Carmen’s personality started to peek through and it was truly magical.

Our next stop was derived from a picture that was going to take a little imagination.  Our example photo was from Spring, and we were no where close to freshly budded flowers.  Carmen and Heather had however found a tree that had seasonal berries.  The location had potential to be problematic but we prevailed!

She was also super amazing because she allowed for some crazy over the top ideas to be tried.  I knew these wouldn’t necessarily be the norm for senior pics but they sure turned out magazine worthy! Carmen-104Carmen-106

Our next destination was a chilly adventure.  We headed up to the mountain in hopes of snow.  With one of her interest being theater I was particularly thrilled for this set.  It is a play off Little Red Riding Hood but oh so more sophisticated.

And like it was a text book fairy tale moment the white specs of snow started to gently fall…Nah just kidding!!!  Sometimes fairy tales are fake or photoshopped.  We were hoping for just fake.  Momma sure put in the A+ effort and we did get one really close one.

The day was expiring so we headed down to our final destination.  This was a little more on the usual side of senior graduate photos and because of that I really thought these would be lack luster against all the other amazing pics we had already achieved.  When I got back home and loaded these I was surprised at how some of my favorites ended up in this grouping.  Maybe it’s because nothing this girl does lacks luster…holy moly she’s a beauty inside and out!

Let me take a moment to get on my soapbox on self image.  This world would love nothing more to take any beautiful girl and minimize her greatness by killing her soul with comparison.  Allowing this world to define beauty and put what that looks like into a box is like death and belongs six feet under.  Cookie cutters are boring, dull, and all too ordinary.  Take a lesson from Carmen and be extraordinary!  Maximize your beauty by being who God intended you to be and own it!  Mic drop I’m out. ❤

Turning a New Leaf

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Graduating high school is a big deal!  Keep it up Loryn!   You only have a few more months and you can join the ranks of those before you who have at one point or another taken our tassels on our graduation cap from one side to the other.  Loryn rocked her senior session and even sunk her toes into the frigid waters of the Rogue River.

It was overcast and cold to say the least, but the scenery was beautiful.  Loryn seemed to fit in like she was the missing accessory to the whole ensemble.

#capturingessencephotography, #seniorhighgraduates, #fallcolors, #freezingwatersLauren-43

She incorporated her love for reading poetry.

We cracked a lot of jokes.  I guess my sarcastic sense of humor was welcomed because we got some really genuine laughter pics.  She was a master of the serious but not so serious that she looked like a “serial killer mugshot” serious.

All in all I walked away from this session with numb fingers and toes but a satisfaction that we nailed it!